Hi, my name is John Mercouris. I'm a Computer Scientist with a passion for developing high quality human interfaces. The projects and research I work on center around the idea that we can make interactions with our programs beautiful, and logically beautiful.


If you would like to contact me, the best way to reach me is by email.

My email address is john + (@ symbol) + mercouris + .email


software developer with a passion for high quality interfaces and products


Illinois Institute of Technology: Computer Information Systems

  • Computer Organization & Assembly Language Programming
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Discrete Structures
  • Information Retrieval
  • Information Security
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Object Oriented Design and Programming
  • Open Source Operating Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Languages and Translators
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Programming
  • Technical Communication
  • Interprofessional Project: Resonant Sounds for Deaf Music
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Digital Culture
  • Psychological Statistics
  • Behavioral Statistics

Technische Universität Berlin

  • Autonomous Security
  • Communication Network Security
  • Computer Supported Interaction
  • Designing Smart Cities
  • Digital Communities
  • Distributed Algorithms
  • Master Project Software Engineering of Embedded Systems
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Open Source Intellectual Property
  • Security Aspects in Software Engineering
  • Security Lab
  • Technology Management
  • Business Research Methods
  • Entrepreneurship Research
  • Human Side of Innovation
  • Innovation Economics
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Venture Campus

Universiteit Twente

  • Designing Interactive Experiences
  • Global Strategy & Business Development
  • Management Control for Financial Institutions
  • New Media in Organizations
  • New Production Concepts
  • Strategic Technology Management & Innovation


Nokia HERE

  • programmed parallelized/distributed map revision support software using quality coding practices; extensive JUnit testing, Sonar analysis, system testing, integration, & simulation
  • created clean and efficient developer support tools to help monitor the health of a parallelized multi-node system, thereby improving uptime and decreasing maintenance


  • designed window interface which debuted at Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Expo)
  • created intuitive gesture based window interfaces by analytical case study design, which led to investment & contracts
  • seamlessly integrated micro-controllers with application level software to create a consistent, high quality user experience to control window dimming

Telekom Innovation Laboratories

  • developed software used to gauge effective usability of the back-side of tablet devices preparing T-Mobile to effectively harness features of next generation tablet devices
  • communicated clearly within an international, multi-disciplinary team, by speaking thoughtfully and respecting the perspectives of others
  • worked fluidly with teammates to always deliver extremely high quality products

JP Morgan Chase

  • developed Xamarin cross platform mobile application for usage as a Broker-Client tool
  • designed a responsive, practical, and highly informative UI to meet the fast paced needs of Brokers
  • delivered on compressed timeline and resources through effective usage of software libraries and development methodologies

RA Studios

  • developed iOS, Android, and Xbox 360 games and applications in a variety of categories • worked with Unity, LibGDX, Cocos 2D, Box 2D, Android SDK, and iOS SDK
  • achieved several million user base on iOS and Android platforms


Next Browser https://github.com/atlas-engineer/next

  • Next is a browser designed to get out of your way and let you be productive
  • Next is entirely keyboard driven, and infinitely customizable/extensible.
  • develops open source browser implementation written in Common-Lisp
  • leads online community of contributors in the form of software developers and testers
  • manages timelines, features, releases, and coordiates development effort across users (globally distributed)


  • geographically distributed users plan trips and flights to meet, optimizing for time and money (e.g. we are all flying to Paris to meet, which day is the cheapest? quickest? most comfortable?)
  • utilizes IATA NDC technology to improve airline passenger experience by offering more transparent rates and fluid access to ancillaries
  • won IATA NDC competition, presenting at the World Passenger Symposium in Dubai


Biomechanics of Front and Back-of-tablet Pointing with Grasping Hands

  • International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction
  • published paper about biomechanical limitations and ergonomics for back of tablet interaction
  • research generated findings for the ideal UX guidelines on occluded touch surfaces
  • International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction, 7(2), 43-64, April-June 2015

Communication of Organizations of the 21st Century

  • Researched and published findings about communication trends in organizations
  • Examined how interneural communication networks and devices will shape privacy
  • Coordinated with an international team of four authors to prepare the publication.

INSNA Sunbelt Conference - Beijing 2017

  • Presented research about the diffusion of inovation across digital networks
  • Findings presented reveal important information for governmental institutions and bodies that wish to promote innovation via means of transnational networks
  • Created presentation materials, research, and findings for presentation


Human Languages

  • fluent english
  • fluent greek
  • intermediate german
  • intermediate spanish

Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Lisp
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • C
  • C#

Frameworks, Operating Systems & Tools

  • MacOS, FreeBSD, Emacs, Linux
  • Saltstack
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Pyramid
  • Django
  • Cocos2d
  • Xbox XNA
  • Xamarin

Version Control

  • Git
  • Mercurial